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Psychologically informed therapy

Psychologically Informed Therapy


Psychologically informed therapy utilizing ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

is the new frontier in working with people with persistent pain. Many non-psychologist clinicians find it hard to get started in this area. It can feel closed off and exclusive.

Bronnie Lennox Thompson has joined us at Le Pub Scientifique, as she has guided us through some ideas and strategies she uses to help people live well with pain.

  • What patient centred care really means
  • Reframing people’s expectations of pain
  • Core ACT skills
  • How to confidently enable your patients to live well with pain

Soft skills are bloody hard

Bronnie Lennox Thompson


Research papers

Evidence for psychological treatments in chronic pain. A few papers that Bronnie mentioned

Williams et al. (2020) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews