Tim Salomons – What ‘is’ pain, and why does it matter in the clinical encounter?


The first in our new series of Le Pub’s where we are taking the clinical perspective on pain. We are asking the experts to overlay their specialist knowledge, research and understanding into the clinical encounter. What does your work help us to understand when a person comes to us with pain? How does this help us to help our patients?


‘When we ask our patients about pain, what are we really asking & what are they really telling us? Are we even talking about the same thing?’

About this event

First up, and taking the psychological view on pain, the legend that is Dr. Tim Salomons!

Tim has done some really groovy work, including widely-cited work on brain imaging and a landmark study that has debunked the notion of a ‘real’ painmatrix. An influential member of the “pain world,” Tim will spend his precious time with us discussing

When we are reporting pain, what are we reporting?
Are we able to understand what it really means to be in pain?
Do people see pain as a direct reflection of injury, or as a mental experience?
Are social and emotional experiences ‘pain’?
What are people reporting to us in our pain assessments?
What is the role of “biological” measures like neuroimaging?
Can there be an “objective” marker of pain?”

Dr. Tim Salomons

Dr. Tim Salomons is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Pain, Affect, and Cognition Lab at Queen’s University in Canada and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Reading, UK. His work uses neuroimaging, quantitative sensory testing, and both quantitative and qualitative pain assessments to examine how the way we think and feel changes the experience of pain.