Tasha Stanton – I. Am.Stanton. Adventures in pain, perception and science


A/Prof Tasha Stanton’s life and work in science has truly been an adventure, we didn’t use that word without good reason! Tasha’s award winning research is focussed on understanding the deep complexity of why people hurt and why, sometimes, pain doesn’t go away. In order to do this Tasha’s work has taken her to the frontiers of perception, using technology such as virtual and mediated reality to fundamentally alter peoples’ perception of their body and their experience of pain.


‘Join Tasha as she explores the frontiers of perception by altering reality, journeys from science to the clinic, and tells THAT story!’

About this event

In this live and interactive online event, Tasha will take you through some of her outstanding and novel findings, including how the real time video illusion of a person’s knee being squashed or elongated can alter their experience of pain, and how the sound of a rusty gate can influence someone’s perception of how stiff their back is. But the adventure wont stop at altering reality and perception. With a suitable beverage in hand, Tasha will also take you on the journey from basic sciences to clincial trials, explaining how the findings from carefully constructed research in the laboratory can inform and inspire studies that aim to relieve suffering and improve treatment for people living with persitent pain. And as the shadows lengthen and the evening deepens; as Tasha, the invited panel of Le Publicans, and the amassed online crowd get into the serious work of science and home brew, Tasha will discuss the other aspects of her adventures in science – the challenges and barriers faced by women in STEM, and why she had to take a stand that made headlines around the world by declaring I. AM. STANTON!

True to the Le Pub manifesto to free speakers from the constraints of the usual scientific meeting and let them imagine, speculate, wish, dream, postulate and posit, so as to inspire, invigorate, challenge, provoke and empower the people listening, Tasha’s Home Brew online event will be loose, a little chaotic and throughly engaging with plenty of time for your questions and Tasha’s answers.

A/Prof Tasha Stanton

Associate Professor Tasha Stanton leads the Pain and Perception Group in Adelaide at the University of South Australia. Her research group is affiliated with the Body in Mind Research group both in Adelaide (University of South Australia) and in Sydney (Neuroscience Research Australia). She completed her PhD at the University of Sydney in 2010 and is currently a National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Career Development Fellow (2019-2021). She has received over $3.2m in competitive research funding to date, including a highly renowned Canadian Institute of Health Research Postdoctoral Training Fellowship (2011-2014) and NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2014-2018).

Tasha has published nealry 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and has been a keynote or invited speaker at 50 national/international conferences. She was recognised as one of Australia’s Top 5 under 40 Science Communicators (ABC Radio National and UNSW). The quality and importance of her research and her communication of that research has been recognised through various awards: In 2016, she won the Ronald Dubner Research Prize from the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) that recognizes the best series of papers by a trainee, including all pain research areas. She also won the Inaugural Rising Star Award from the Australia Pain Society. In 2015, she was named the South Australia Young Tall Poppy of the Year (Australian Institute for Policy and Science) and received the Best New Investigator Award at the National Australian Physiotherapy Association Congress.