David Butler – Rollercoaster of Professional Live


Join David Butler for coffee or shiraz and hear his personal perspective on the evolution of neurodynamics, metaphor and pain science


David Butler will be taking us on the rollercoaster ride of his professional life. You will have an opportunity to interact and ask questions or just sit back, relax and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Ever considered how your professional life has evolved? Or where your profession is heading? What were the meaningful interactions, people or publications?

Is it true that he invented the radial nerve neurodynamic test on the ‘dunny’? Is Explain Pain still a working title for a book that has greatly influenced many professions? Do metaphors hold the answer for stimulating behavioural change for someone in pain?

We will hear how Shiraz has shaped our pain knowledge, nudity has nurtured friendships, and that bushfires might just end it all…..

Sit back, strap in and enjoy!