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Down below are all the upcoming Le Pub Scientifique events with links to purchase tickets. If you would like to ‘Relive’ some of our past events follow the link below.

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Le Pub Lunch with Morten Hoegh

20th October


Le Pub Lunch is all about learning directly from the experts, hearing about different approaches to the clinical encounter and the science and research behind it. All with a nice coffee and a bite to eat.

What is pain-related suffering

16th November


Suffering is an important concept in the field of pain, yet we do not have a clear definition for this concept.

Applied Neuroscience and the Paining Person

23rd November


This course will give you a clear sense of people’s suffering and why they are in pain – making you a more capable, empathic clinician.

Can we offer hope to patients with post-stroke pain

24th November


An exciting clinical meeting between two experts offering their ideas and perspectives on post-stroke pain.

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