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A Must listener – Stephen McMahon at PRF

Musings on the Progress of Pain Research: A Podcast with Stephen McMahon


You could spend 45 minutes in a whole bunch of worse ways…
“McMahon discusses his early days in the pain research field, what it was like to train with Patrick Wall, the gate control theory of pain, central sensitization, and much more”

“Not the smartness of people but the smartness of nature, I still think that there are many thinks to be discovered from the natural world that would greatly help in our efforts to develop analgesics”


Stephen McMahon


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About Stephen McMahon

In this third IASP podcast features pioneering pain researcher Stephen McMahon, PhD. Dr. McMahon is Sherrington Professor of Physiology at King’s College London, UK, where he leads a research group in clinical neuroscience. He also directs the Wellcome Trust Pain Consortium, an international network of leading pain researchers. He trained under Patrick Wall at University College London before moving to King’s College London in 1985 to run his own lab. His major research interest is pain mechanisms, and he has been working to identify and understand pain mediators. More recently, he has focused on neuroimmune interactions and the role of genetics and epigenetics in pain.

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