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Acknowledgement of patient partners in patient-oriented research

patient-oriented research

Acknowledgement of patient partners in patient-oriented research


Teams that carry out patient-oriented research projects will require different preparation to empower all team members (researchers and patient partners) to discuss authorship and acknowledgement. To facilitate these conversations, the authors have included an overview of the scientific publishing process, explanation of some common terms, and sets of considerations are provided for both patient partners and researchers in determining the range of team member contribution from acknowledgement to authorship. Conversations about authorship can be difficult, even for established research teams.

The authors providing a comprehensive guidance for making these conversations easier and more thoughtfull

Key Points

  1. Provide information on the steps and timeline to publish a paper in an academic journal;

  2. Review existing recommendations of authorship and acknowledgement and their application within the patient-oriented research context to facilitate decision-making about patient partner authorship and acknowledgement;

  3. Discuss related considerations for patient partners and researchers in patient-oriented research; and,

  4. Offer practical advice based on experience of Network members whose research projects have included patient partners as authors.

Research papers and resources

You can get access to the full text (here)

Gemma Pearce has a YouTube video on Co-creation: Dr Gemma Pearce’s talk on Co-Creating Welfare which talks about the project called: Co-Creating Welfare

Have a look below.


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