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Managing occupational-related musculoskeletal pain

Managing occupational-related musculoskeletal pain


Interesting review paper co-authored by Le Pub guest Morten Høgh, exploring education in the workplace to help occupational-related pain.

Education appears useful although exactly what this should look like is not clear. Even the attention given to the individual in pain has an influence on their improvement!
Check this open access paper out here
Find ways to support people to remain in the workforce! Another super interesting read as introduction on work-related musculoskeletal disorders/pain. Staying in paid work is associated with better physical and emotional HRQOL (health-related quality of life). Plus, it’s associated with less pain and tiredness in this cohort of people with Rheumatoid Arthritis!
Paid work…”gives them a sense of normality and purpose in life and they feel that they make a difference in society.” You can read the full paper here
This resonates with messages from a brilliant Le Pub with the fantastic Bronnie Lennox Thompson in July.

Key Points

There is a gap in knowledge regarding the best content and delivery of education of material in the workplace. Although beneficial outcomes were reported, more RCT studies are required to determine the effects of education material as compared with other interventions, such as exercise or behavioural therapy.

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