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The value of uncertainty

Brilliant essay on uncertainty – co-authored by a previous Le Pub panellist Mark Miller.

Quick summary:

– We can deal with a bit of uncertainty in our lives, in fact it is healthy

– However, uncertainty takes many forms and when our worlds are turned upside down (with no predictable end) this can be unhealthy

– Engaging in activities that question or tease our expectations may be helpful, particularly when they’ve become entrenched (predictable). For the inner geek relating to chronic pain and volatility:”Sustained exposure to such volatile situations and environments [i.e. ongoing pain]

– where the outcomes of actions appear inherently unpredictable

– leads to an inevitable decrease in confidence in one’s ability to bring about the outcomes they expect. At that point, our predictive brains begin to infer an inability to exert successful control, and this then forms a damaging part of the model that guides our future actions.”

– perhaps leading to a state of learned helplessness?!

Check it out – read and re-read – there’s an incredible depth of insight and knowledge.

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