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Meet A/ Prof Tasha Stanton

If you’re interested in pain, you probably know Tasha’s work. If you weren’t living under a rock last year you’ll have seen that Tasha went viral with the ultimate take down after a man suggested that she “read Stanton’s work on the subject”. This gave rise to her legendary response “I. Am. Stanton.”

Tasha has joined us for a very special online and live Le Pub Home Brew session on 1 August 2020.  She took us through her adventures in pain, perception and science, explaining how the findings from carefully constructed research in the laboratory can inform and inspire studies that aim to relieve suffering and improve treatment for people living with persistent pain.

Tasha’s award winning research is focussed on understanding the deep complexity of why people hurt and why, sometimes, pain doesn’t go away. In order to do this, Tasha’s work has taken her to the frontiers of perception, using technology such as virtual and mediated reality to fundamentally alter peoples’ perception of their body and their experience of pain.

In this live and interactive online event, Tasha took us through some of her outstanding and novel findings, including how the sound of a rusty gate can influence someone’s perception of how stiff their back is and how a video illusion of a person’s knee being squashed or elongated can alter their experience of pain.

Tasha has definitely accomplished A LOT in her career so far. A brief professional introduction:

I am a physiotherapist and a clinical scientist. I began my physiotherapy career at a rehabilitation centre for injured workers in Canada. This sparked an interest in chronic pain; I then completed a Master’s in Rehabilitation Science studying the spinal mechanics of common stabilisation exercises. I gained a highly competitive International Recruitment Scholarship to complete my PhD at the University of Sydney under Profs Chris Maher and Jane Latimer, world leaders in low back pain and epidemiology. I have since received two highly competitive postdoctoral fellowships (10% and 15% success rates) and moved into a world- leading clinical pain neuroscience group at UniSA, under the mentorship of Prof Lorimer Moseley. I now lead my own research group (1 post-doctoral fellow, 1 PhD, 1 Masters, 2 Honours students) evaluating perception, multisensory integration, cortical body representation, and pain.

Summary of Key Research Achievements:

I have received >$2.2m in competitive research funding and I have authored 53 peer-reviewed papers in high-quality pain and imaging journals. I have been first author or senior author on 40% of these papers (past 5 years). I have an h-index of 20 and my papers, the majority published since 2011, have >1400 citations. I have given Plenary or Keynote lectures, all costs covered, at >40 major international/national meetings. I have presented my research at 21 international and 34 national conferences in 14 countries. I have presented my research in specialised topical workshops at 10 conferences in 6 countries, chairing 3 of these. I have delivered 35 extramural lectures at the invitation of 12 universities and 9 hospitals in 4 countries. I am a Commissioning Editor for the BodyinMind Research Blog that has >65,000 visitors from 120 countries.

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