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Connecting people to science

We connect clinicians and people in pain to the latest science, research and treatments through live learning events. All welcome.

Exploring all perspectives 

We explore all perspectives of the pain experience and pain science with a diverse range of hand picked topics and guests. Something for everyone.

Learning from the best

We provide open access to the world’s leading pain clinicians, psychologists, scientists and researchers in a friendly and informal environment. Grab a beer and join in.

Here at Le Pub Scientifique were proud to say we’ve had some of the biggest and brightest in pain science give talks. Speaking on a wide range topics and giving people a real insight into the world of pain


Le Pub Scientifique is bringing together researchers, clinicians, AND people who live with pain – so important! We all bring our own education and expertise to the subject, but we need all the viewpoints to truly understand and move forward.


We started Le Pub Scientifique back in 2012, partly as a way to continue our own pain education and partly to meet like-minded people. It was important to us that it took place in an informal setting with a relaxed atmosphere to encourage learning, allow for discussion and inspire questions.

Tim Beames

- Founder


Le Pub is a wonderful initiative, a great forum for deeper conversations about pain. It has certainly raised the game with the level of discussion it facilitates.

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